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02:49pm 02/06/2003
mood: stoned
Fuckin' shit, man.

Fë-fë's always fuckin' causin' shit, man. N'shit.

Fuckin' A.
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05:03pm 09/05/2003
mood: annoyed
Fuckin' shit, man, that was the longest fuckin' acid trip of my whole fuckin' life. And I'm a fuckin' elf, so that's fuckin' saying something!

Someone also fuckin' locked me in my lab. I don't know who the fuck it was though. Bastard.
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03:25pm 14/10/2002
  ((new mun!))  
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10:47pm 07/09/2002
mood: fuckin' shiiiiiiiiiit
I can fuckin' assure the inhabitants of Arda that I would have never humoured this fuckin' individual if not for the... er... bikini.

Or forceful personality.

Or uh...

You fuckin' know what? I'm goin' to fuckin' shut up right fuckin' now. No more from me. NO MORE.
11:46am 06/09/2002
  Last night was like, fuckin' weird. First, all of this shit happened, and then I was fuckin' tucked in bed with a fuckin' silk comforter and everything.

Like fuck, man.

I mean, I could live this aesthetic lifestyle like that fuckin' Vanyar noochie king or some shit guy, served up by a fat bitch, but I think I have a bit of a problem when Fëanor comes and strips ya naked and pushes you into a bath of bubbles.


I remember that Fëanor had done a bit of fuckin' shit to me, man. I don't really remember WHAT he/she did since I was high off my ass at that time (well, what did you expect?) so I decided to do the next best thing and find out what fuckin' happened.

I found a copy of the Silmarillion!

Now, see here...

Then Fëanor grew wrathful, for he still feared delay; and hotly he spoke to Olwë. 'You renounce your friendship, even in the hour of our need, yet you were glad indeed to receive our aid when you came at least to these shores, fainthearted loiterers, and wellnigh emptyhanded. In huts on the beaches would you be dwelling still, had not the Noldor carved out your haven and toiled upon your walls.'
But Olwë answered: 'We renounce no friendship. But it may be the part of a friend to rebuke a friend's folly. And when the Noldor welcomed us and gave us aid, otherwise then you spoke: in the land of Aman we were to dwell for ever, as brothers whose houses stand side by side. But as for our white ships: those you gave us not. We learned not that craft from the Noldor, but from the Lords of the Sea; and the white timbers we wrought with our own hands, and the white sails were woven by our wives and our daughters. Therefore we will neither give them nor sell them for any league or friendship. For I say to you, Fëanor son of Finwë, these are to us as are the gems of the Noldor: the work of our hearts, whose like we shall not make again.'
Thereupon Fëanor left him, and sat in dark thought beyond the walls of Alqualondë, until his host was assembled. When he judged that his strength was enough, he went to the Haven of the Swans and began to man the ships that were anchored there and to take them away by force. But the Teleri withstood him, and cast many of the Noldor into the sea. Then swords were drawn, and a bitter fight was fought upon the ships, and about the lamplit quays and piers of the Haven, and even upon the great arch of its gate. Thrice the people of Fëanor were driven back, and many were slain upon either side; but the vanguard of the Noldor were succoured by Fingon with the foremost of the host of Fingolfin, who coming up found a battle joined and their own kin falling, and rushed in before they know rightly the cause of the quarrel.; some thought indeed that the Teleri had sought to waylay the march of the Noldor at the bidding of the Valar.'



Fuck!!!! Fëanor!!!! I need a fuckin' word with you....
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Fuckin' shit, man.   
11:55pm 05/09/2002
  So it goes like this:

A fuckin' young couple came t' me with a problem. Like, they want t' have lots and lots of pretty young kids but not go through the fuckin' hassle of twelve months of pregnancy and fuckin' misery with the water breakin' and stretch marks and all that shit. So bein' the good samaritan I am (seein' that one of them is my grand-daughter and all), I gave them a solution. I'll keep their spawn in a fuckin' petri dish in my lab and when they gestate, I'll move 'em into a tank and a bigger tank and so on.

Here's the first one. I named it Aurëdhel. Ain't she pretty?

She's gonna grow up to have beautiful golden Teleri hair, I can tell ya that. Just like her momma. :)

Well, that's all folks. An update from fuckin' Olwë's lab, an' shit.
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11:53pm 22/08/2002
  New mun an' shit.

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*wakes up*   
08:30am 29/07/2002
mood: dazed

What th'fuck?


A fuckin' FOUR WEEK acid trip?! Shit, man.

Heh. It's good t'be the fuckin' king.
08:05pm 14/06/2002
mood: eh.
*wakes up on the couch*


Alright, bein' aleep n' stoned, n'shit has given me a fuckin' great idea.

All you fuckin' stoners. Manwë, Fatty Bolger, Pip Daddy, Old Toby, an' anyone else who likes a fuckin' good time, get ya asses down here tomorrow for the biggest fuckin' stoner bash since th'trees were made.

I'm gonna go mix some shit up and watch Deep Space Nine, n'shit.
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01:34am 10/05/2002
mood: sore
*large explosion from chemical lab*

*Olwë staggers out*

Eh, shit.

*passes out*
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01:46pm 29/04/2002
mood: amused
Fuckin' Numenor!

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11:46pm 27/04/2002
mood: amused
Exa-fuckin'-lent. Got my new shipment of chemicals ta fuck with. Gonna make some goooood acid from this shit.

Too bad Mannie's off the stuff again. I mean fuck, why can't he be doin' drugs? Th'fucker's got a mind of his own, if he wants ta fuck it up, then why the fuck can't he? Shit, be you're own fuckin' person, and do it if ya wanna. N'shit.
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02:21pm 26/04/2002
mood: full
Gotta love the fuckin' chicken.
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01:03am 24/04/2002
mood: bored
This fucker dun' seem so bad, n'shit. Even tho' he did try t'kill a buncha my relatives back w' that whole kinslayin' shit in Alqualonde. Meh, fuck it. Yo, Celegorm! Want a joint?
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11:17pm 22/04/2002
mood: blah
Eh, fuck. I need s'more supplies. Could I ge' a fuckin' ride t' the White City, anyone? Eaglelift woul' be a plus, n'shit.
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02:33am 17/04/2002
mood: frustrated
Well fuck me. Some 'a the shit I tried to make las' week didn't, ah, turn out quite fuckin' right... an' um, I think I need some cesium. Anyone got some 'a that shit?
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05:17pm 12/04/2002
mood: excited
Yeh, I'm on the mainland n'shit now. Elwing let me off abit earlier.

I think I'm gonna start a fuckin' chem lab. Y'know, mix my own shit, maybe make some profit.
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12:41am 11/04/2002
mood: bored
Excellent. Got fuckin' stoned today, although Mannie refused ta' join me. Got some good acid, some hash, good shit too.

I'm fuckin' bored. Elwing, is there any traffic comin' across to th' Havens? Y'know, somethin' we can steal, n'shit.
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12:12am 10/04/2002
mood: high
Good shit. Just got off 'n acid trip.

Elwing, I'm pretty fuckin' bored. Let's go steal some shit from unsuspectin' elven ships.

Fuckin' Arr.
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05:35pm 09/04/2002
mood: amused
Fuckin' A. Got Manwe back into th' shit, he's bringing over what's left 'a his stash in Valinor. I hear he's got some great shit.

Mannie, ge' me some 'a that acid, if ya will.

Fuckin' Arr, Elwing and I had a fuckin' farce of a good time piratin' and shit. We stopped some boats headin' over to the Havens, go' m'self a new watch. Hahaha!